Cllr Beesley-Reynolds

Lynne is one of the 3 district Cllrs for the KIBWORTH ward, She is also a member of Kibworth Harcourt Parish council. Lynne is presently the Scrutiny Commissioner at the district Council. For more information about Lynne please visit here

Cllr Grahame Spendlove-Mason

Grahame is a former Deputy Leader of Harborough District Council and one of 2 Conservative representatives for the GLEN ward.

Cllr Jo Brodrick

Cllr Broderick is a Conservative representative for the Welland ward in Market Harborough Town.

Cllr Lesley Bowles

Lesley is the District councillor for the Bosworth ward and was elected in a by-election in Nov 2013. Lesley is a member of several committees and works in Market Harborough. To contact Lesley please see more here

Cllr Charmaine Wood

Cllr Wood is one of the 2 district councillors for the FLECKNEY ward. She was first elected to HDC in May 2007. She is a member of several committees.To contact Cllr Wood please see here

Cllr Derek Evans

Cllr Evans was first elected in May 2007 and is one of the 2 cllrs for the Little Bowden ward in Market Harborough. He is on several committees. To contact Cllr Evans please  visit here