Cllr Grahame Spendlove-Mason

Grahame is a former Deputy Leader of Harborough District Council and one of 2 Conservative representatives for the GLEN ward.

Cllr Jo Brodrick

Cllr Broderick is a Conservative representative for the Welland ward in Market Harborough Town.

Cllr Lesley Bowles

Lesley is the District councillor for the Bosworth ward and was elected in a by-election in Nov 2013. Lesley is a member of several committees and works in Market Harborough. To contact Lesley please see more here

Cllr Charmaine Wood

Cllr Wood is one of the 2 district councillors for the FLECKNEY ward. She was first elected to HDC in May 2007. She is a member of several committees.To contact Cllr Wood please see here

Cllr Derek Evans

Cllr Evans was first elected in May 2007 and is one of the 2 cllrs for the Little Bowden ward in Market Harborough. He is on several committees. To contact Cllr Evans please  visit here

Cllr Amanda Nunn

Amanda is one of two District Councillors representing the Market Harborough- Little Bowden ward.

Current committees include:

Harborough Highways
Scrutiny - Communities 
Local Planning Executive Advisory Panel

Cllr Barry Champion

Barry is a Conservative Councillor for the Market Harborough- Great Bowden & Arden ward.

Committees include:

Scrutiny Panel- Performance
Ethical Governance Committee
Governance & Audit Committee

Cllr Billy Hadkiss

Billy is the Conservative Councillor representing the Market Harborough- Logan ward.

Committees include:

Governance & Audit Committee
Planning - Vice Chair
Scrutiny Performance

To find out more about Billy or to contact him, click here.

Cllr Steve Bilbie

Steve is one of two Conservative Councillors representing the Fleckney ward.

Committees include:

Harborough Highways

To find out more about Steve, including contact details, click here.

Cllr Bhupen Dave

Bhupen is the Conservative Councillor representing Oadby Woodlands ward.

Bhupen is leader of the opposition at Oadby and Wigston Borough Council.

Committees include:

Change Management
Policy, Finance & Development
Development Control