Cllr Robin Hollick

Robin has lived in Kibworth Beauchamp for 33 years and during that period he served on the Kibworth Parish councillor and as a governor at Kibworth Primary school Kibworth and is a member of St Wilfrid’s Church.

Robin is now semi-retired but his career was in senior management within the Jeanswear industry in both manufacturing and retail working in Marketing and Merchandising.

For the last 8 years Robin was the owner of a local cleaning company. Robin is married with 4 children each of which have attended Kibworth local schools.

Robin is avid Leicester City supporter and enjoys going to live music events.

Robin said,"The Kibworth’s have and still are going through many changes and the village continues to grow and like many villagers I have concerns that while the houses are being built the amenities and services are being put under more and more pressure.

In Kibworth we are fortunate to have good doctors’ surgery’s and schools but both are under pressure with the growth of the village. While local farmers continue to sell land for building the village will continue to grow putting even more pressure on these services.

I believe that while new housing is part of our villages future and we should welcome everyone who comes to live here we need to do everything we can to ensure that the services we all require have the support in all areas to enable them to meet the villages needs in the future. I will be doing all that I can to try to make this happen.

My other concern that I will be working to change is the lack of police within our area. In relative terms Kibworth has a low crime rate but over the last number of years the lack of a physical police presence has allowed crime to increase not just at a low level but also in more serious crimes and we need to ensure that this does not continue to affect the lives of everyone who lives in the village.

The Kibworth’s are supported by many local tradesmen and businesses and they are an integral and important part of village life and I will support them whenever I can in my role as a district councillor. 

I would hope that any villager would be able to contact me with any of their concerns or problems and where possible I will endeavour to help them."


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