Hope is at hand for Harborough locals ~ MP for Harborough supports BHF campaign to mend broken hearts

Edward Garnier the MP for Harborough is supporting the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Mending Broken Hearts Appeal. It aims to raise money to fund research that could help people like the hundreds living in Harborough with heart failure as a result of a heart attack.

Edward Garnier MP said:

“This groundbreaking research could offer hope to people like the hundreds living with heart failure as a result of a heart attack in our region. It’s incredible to think that in as little as ten years time we could literally mend broken hearts.

“I urge everyone in Harborough to support this Appeal and help make a cure for damaged hearts become a reality.”

While the number of people dying of heart disease, which includes heart attacks, in Harborough has fallen from 137 in 1994 to 113 in 2008, the number of people across the UK surviving heart attacks and living with heart failure has continued to rise.

The BHF is urging the public to support the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal. Call 0300 333 0333 or visit bhf.org.uk/mbh to order an appeal pack.