Sir Edward Garnier helps North Kilworth over flooding

Following a public meeting with North Kilworth residents last November, Sir Edward Garnier, MP for Harborough, has been trying to resolve a number of problems faced by the village. He has written to the County Council about the Internet speeds and the Communications Minister at Whitehall about the poor mobile phone coverage in rural Leicestershire and North Kilworth in particular.


Last Friday, 28 March, Edward Garnier organised a meeting in North Kilworth attended by County Councillor Graham Hart, Harborough District Councillor Lesley Bowles, Chris Hickling of Severn Trent, Matthew Bradford of Harborough District Council, and Nic Rowe and Jonathan McGuiness of Leicestershire County Council, to consider the issues of flooding and drainage of the village’s streets.


Sir Edward said: “There has been a good deal of heavy rain over the last 12 months and the drains have not been able to cope with the volume of water. They are not big enough and they need to be cleaned out from time to time to prevent blockages. The problem may be assisted by more soak-aways as opposed to relying on traditional storm drains but thanks to the meeting we had last Friday the various agencies are going to see how best to deal with the matter. Severn Trent have agreed to install cameras in the trouble-spots and I hope this will lead to action before this winter and the Highways team will check out the road surfaces and road drains. I am pleased that the people attending the meeting were more than happy to work together to make the lives of the village residents better. North Kilworth is a charming place to live and work and all being well it always will be.”