Update on the Grand Union Canal pollution incident

The Environment Agency, the Canal & River Trust and Natural England are continuing to deal with the pollution incident in the Grand Union Canal Leicester Line between Kibworth Top Lock and Kilby Bridge which killed hundreds of fish.


They are working to contain the pollution and to prevent further impact on wildlife. Water quality is being monitored and sections of the canal are being aerated to increase oxygen levels to help break down the pollution. Investigations are underway at the site to determine responsibility for the incident and Natural England is providing advice and will assess the impact of the pollution incident on the Kilby-Foxton Canal Site of Special Scientific Interest.


The Canal & Rivers Trust continue to move live fish away from the polluted area into unaffected areas of the canal and thousands of fish including pike, roach and perch have already been rescued.


The Canal and Rivers Trust has closed the canal to boats whilst they disperse the pollution and reopen the canal.


Sir Edward Garnier, MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, said: “If you come across evidence of pollution or any dead fish please report it to the Environment Agency on their incident hotline 0800 807060. And if you know anything about the source of the pollution give them a call.”