Sir Edward Garnier Stands up for residents following planning permission on Dorset Avenue, South Wigston

 Please find below an email sent on 19 February 2014 by Sir Edward Garnier, MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, to Sir Peter Soulsby, Mayor of Leicester, regarding the planning permission granted by Leicester City Council to the Life and Light Mission to set up a church on Dorset Avenue.


To: 'TheMayor'
Subject: Sir Edward Garnier re planning permission on Dorset Avenue


Sir Peter Soulsby


Dear Peter


I have been approached by many residents of Dorset Avenue, South Wigston, about the planning permission granted by Leicester City Council to the Life and Light Mission to convert the football club building at Aylestone Park Football ground into a place of worship. The residents do not feel that the councils (Leicester City and Oadby & Wigston) have listened to their concerns as they were given no more than two weeks to make their views known (22 October to 5 November). They feel that they were not seen as a valued part of the planning process.


My constituents are concerned about the levels of traffic the development of the site will generate. It is on a frequently used route for emergency vehicles which not have any traffic calming measures so they are concerned that it will become an overcrowded and dangerous road to live on. Currently there is space at the site for 20 cars but it is anticipated that 25 additional spaces will be required, which will create disturbance to residents living in close proximity to the site. My constituents suggest that the site will primarily be used by the travelling community and that they are highly likely to apply for planning permission to set up permanent or long term temporary caravans in the area, especially since it is close to their place of worship.


My constituents are also worried about the adverse effect this development could have on the value of their homes and of the wider disturbance that it may bring. Could you please reassure my constituents that their concerns will be properly considered and taken into account by the City Council at this stage and at any subsequent stages of the planning process.


Yours ever




Sir Edward Garnier QC MP