Sir Edward Garnier contacts Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Bach about Market Harborough shop burglaries

Please see below the email that Sir Edward has sent to Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Bach about the recent shop burglaries in Market Harborough:


Sent: 05 October 2016 16:13
To: Police Commissioner
Subject: Market Harborough shop burglaries

Dear Willy

As you will see from this recent report in the Mercury, Market Harborough has been hit by a series of shop burglaries and there have, as at 4 October, been at least five more since this article appeared, one of them at Mistry’s, the Chemists in the High Street, and another at Boot’s the Chemists in St Mary’s Place. On 4 October there was an attempted break in at the Cherry Tree pub in Little Bowden. All being well, the culprits will be caught and prosecuted but these burglaries represent a huge spike in the crime statistics for the town and are causing alarm and a sharp lessening of public confidence in the police. Of course it is not possible for even twenty police officers on duty in the town to be sure of catching these burglars red handed but I would appreciate your confirming that you have this situation very much in mind and that you will provide Simon Cole and the local police as a matter of urgency with all necessary resources to deter crime and catch those responsible for burglaries at retail premises in Market Harborough. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes






Details of the public meeting:-


A public meeting is planned with Market Harborough’s local shop keepers on 28 October at 9.30am The Cube Youth and Community Centre, Symington Recreation Ground, St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough LE16 7DS which Sir Edward Garnier, the Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Bach and Harborough District Councillors will attend.