New Post Box installed in Kibworth Harcourt

Following Sir Edward Garnier’s press release on this subject in February, which you can read here, there was no action for many months. When another resident contacted Sir Edward about the lack of action, Sir Edward again wrote to the Royal Mail who replied saying:


“Our collections manager proposed a number of different sites to both the developer and the local parish council. However, all of these were rejected. Unfortunately, since Andrew Bell (who you initially corresponded with) has since left the business, this information was not communicated back to you. I have asked the Collections Manager to contact both parties again to find an acceptable location to take forward and to prioritise installation of a new box.”


The Collections Manager then had a meeting with the Parish Council and a new box has now been installed and is operational at the corner of Wistow Road and Barnards Way.


Edward Garnier said: “It is surprising how communications sometimes break down and all it takes is a simple nudge to get things done. I thank my constituents for keeping an eye on this and I am glad that now this has been resolved.”