Neil warns against loose dogs during lambing season

Neil O’Brien, MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, has warned against the dangers of loose dogs killing lambs and sheep in rural areas across Leicestershire.

Neil visited local farmer Robert Gilbert in Kibworth, whose livestock was recently attacked by loose dogs, resulting in the death of a number of sheep.

Neil said, “This is an important issue for farmers all year round, and particularly so with lambing season just about to start. Dogs can travel a long way on their own and there have been a number of horrible cases of sheep being killed locally as a result of dogs being allowed to roam off the lead. People should keep their always dog on a lead near farms, and definitely should not send them out for a walk on their own.” 

Local farmer Robert Gilbert said, “we woke up to find slaughtered animals in our farm because of a loose dog, which was a nightmare to have to deal with. Dog owners and walkers really need to understand the risks of dogs being on the loose so close to livestock, and we’re grateful to Neil O’Brien MP for raising awareness of this issue.”

Neil concluded, “I hope that the campaign to highlight this as a real problem for farmers results in dog owners taking the necessary precautions against this. Even really nice dogs should be kept on a lead and people can also choose sensible walk routes which do not endanger defenceless animals. It isn’t fair for farmers to have to deal with this.”