Edward Garnier welcomes more NHS funding in Leicester

The NHS in Leicester has received £9,341,000 as its the share of the £700m given to national System Resilience Groups, in two tranches, in June and November last year. These groups have helped the NHS plan for winter for the last two years throughout England. In addition, 5 more consultants and over 50 more nurses have been employed and 40 acute and specialist beds and 5 residential/nursing places have been deployed in Leicestershire

Sir Edward Garnier, MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, said: “The Government’s successful management of the economy has meant that we have been able to increase the NHS budget by £12.7 billion in this Parliament and there is more money available for this winter. Additional money was allocated to the NHS in June last year, nearly £10 million of which is helping the people of Leicestershire.”