Edward Garnier quizzed by Beauchamp students on politics and the election

Sir Edward Garnier, MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, urged sixth-forms in his constituency to organise mock elections in their schools and colleges to promote a better understanding of the political system. Kath Kelly, the Head of College at the Beauchamp College, in Oadby, invited Sir Edward to share his experiences with her students, some of whom will be party leaders at Beauchamp's mock election. Sir Edward visited the school on Friday, 6 February, and over 40 students came to listen to his advice and to ask questions. ITV News were also present to record the session for a feature on first time voters, which is to be aired in March.


Following the visit, Edward Garnier said: “It is always good to visit Beauchamp and the other sixth-forms in the constituency such as Guthlaxton, Robert Smyth and Leicester Grammar. For these students this election in May will be the first one in which they will be analysing the parties and candidates and thinking about which party best represents for them the brightest future for them and the country. The students who attended the Q&A at Beauchamp were very much on-the-ball and I was pleased to discuss the issues with them.”